Temporary Lives Photo

Temporary Lives Photo
Photographer: Jaana Tihtonen


Practicing Hard

The premiere of Temporary Lives is only 17 days away. That means the team is busy with final practices. There are altogether about 50 people in the play, so you know you can expect a huge show. And we are of course working hard to make the experience very entertaining for you all.

Are you interested to have a glimpse of what goes on before the play is ready to be performed on stage? Here are some pictures from our rehersals. These pictures have both acting and dancing scenes. Take a look!

Arti and Virpi are practicing their acting.

Tero and Laura at acting practice.

Tero, Laura and Uma at acting practice.

Arti is teaching one of the dances.

A dance battle group practicing their steps.

Dancing Bhangra

Rumpa and Ilona starting a big dance scene, more people waiting to join them.

Ilona is teaching the guys their steps for the big dance scene.

The other dance battle group practicing.

Romantic song dancers.

Rumpa teaching

Script reading.

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