Temporary Lives Photo

Temporary Lives Photo
Photographer: Jaana Tihtonen


Big thanks to all our sponsors and partners!



Ravintola Musta Härkä
A diverse restaurant full of feeling at Mäkelänkatu 52, Helsinki. Be welcome to enjoy! 

Park Pub
The living room of Puistola. A pub with A-rights, free wlan, several games, karaoke, live music and dancing. 

For 30 years, the India Center has provided travellers 
with low-cost flights to all over the world!

Versio Jewelry 
Old boots and belts get a new life in a form of beautiful jewelry that is combined with shiny metals in hands of a skilled craftsman.

Monikulttuurinen Taidekeskus Kassandra
The nationally operating multicultural art center Kassandra seeks to combat racism using art as its main tool. Also a main goal is to share knowledge on cultural diversity and at the same time bring together artists living in Finland.

Also big thanks to Nadja Plösilä / Hartwall


Official photographers: Jaana Tihtonen, Ilkka Roitto
Videographer: Antti Suvilehto

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