Temporary Lives Photo

Temporary Lives Photo
Photographer: Jaana Tihtonen


Temporary Lives - a Bollywood style dance theater play

From the makers of Ek Kahani – Love Story comes a new Bollywood dance theater play:  TEMPORARY LIVES

Date and time: April 26th at 19.00
Place: Kanneltalo, Helsinki, Finland
Temporary Lives is the story of an Indian family divided to live on two continents, their joys and sorrows. The mother and father are living alone in India. The daughter, Priya, is about to graduate in France. Returning home means getting married, and in India, marriages are arranged. The son, Pankaj, is living in Finland with his family during an onsite assignment. Pankaj has adapted to the new country but his wife Anjali is having trouble adjusting.

What does destiny have in store for them? Come and find out!

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Contact us: temporarylives2014@gmail.com

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